Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Ultimate Sister Missionary Packing List

If you are anything like me, you can appreciate a detailed packing list. This project began when I opened my mission call packet and read the packing guidelines. In all honesty, the outline in it (6-8 outfits, 1 set of exercise clothes, etc) isn't very specific. I personally like to have a slighty more in-depth packing list, just so nothing gets left behind (or forgotten). In light of that, I have searched through countless online packing lists, various missionary tips, and my own call packet in order to bring you this (also attached as a printable PDF-file):

Note: This packing list was created with a hot climate in mind. If you are traveling somewhere cold, make sure to adjust the list to meet your needs. Also, depending on luggage size and weight restrictions, make sure to pack necessary items first.


  • 6-8 outfits
    • 5-6 t-shirts (durable and match with a majority of skirts)
    • 4-5 undershirts/shade shirts (black and white seem to be the most popular choices)
    • 3 blouses
    • 6-8 skirts (choose skirts that you can mix and match with your tops in order to make a variety of outfits, while making sure that they cover your knee both front and back)
    • 1-2 dresses
    • 1-2 jackets
    • 2-3 cardigans (one missionary suggested having a couple plain colored cardigans and one fun colored one)
    • 1-2 sweaters
    • 2-3 slips (in coordinating colors and lengths)
    • 2 belts 
    • 4 white/cream bras
    • 8-10 garments (up for debate, take however many garments you feel you may need)
    • 6 pairs of underwear (for that time of the month)
    • 8-10 small socks for flats
    • 3 pairs nylons/plain tights (you may want to take more, I am just not very fond of them)
    • 1-2 Sunday shoes
    • 2 proselyting shoes (if your shoes do not come with inserts, I would consider buying some, as you will be walking a lot)
  • Exercise Clothing
    • 1 pair gym shoes
    • 2 sports bras
    • 2 workout shirts/t-shirts
    • 1 pair loose workout pants
    • 1-2 pairs of spandex shorts (a must if you are biking)
    • 6 pairs regular socks
    • 1 pair basketball shorts*
  • Regular Clothing
    • 1 pair of jeans (full length, not tight fitting)
    • 1-2 sweatshirts (you really only need one, but sweatshirts have a special place in my heart)
    • 2-3 shirts
  • Pajamas
    • 2-3 sets of pajamas
    • 1 robe
    • 1 pair of slippers
  • Raincoat w/ zip out liner (Burlington Coat Factory, Eddie Bauer, etc)
  • 1 pair shower sandals (flip-flops)
  • 1 pair rain boots*


  • Jewelry
    • 1 inexpensive watch
    • 1 hair donut/bun 
    • variety of headbands
    • variety of scarves (help you to spice up the few outfits that you have)
    • bracelets
    • rings
    • necklaces
    • earrings (only studs or less than 1 inch long)
    • YW medallion
    • CTR ring
  • 1 waterproof shoulder bag/purse
  • Wallet
  • Passport case
  • Umbrella
  • Coin purse*


  • Books
    • Scriptures (English)
    • True to the Faith (English)
    • Jesus the Christ (English)
    • Our Heritage: A Brief History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (English)
    • Our Search for Happiness (English)
    • Missionary Handbook
    • Mini Preach My Gospel (English)*
    • Book of Mormon (Portuguese)*
    • Portuguese-English dictionary*
    • Mini hymnbook*
  • Letters
    • Blank cards (for writing home, birthdays, etc.)
    • Letter paper (find some fun prints so you aren't just writing on notebook paper 24/7)
    • Envelopes
    • Stamps
    • Address Book (fill up before you leave)
  • Study Supplies
    • Pens
    • Pencils
    • Highlighters (look for scripture marking highlighters -- they don't bleed through the page like traditional highlighters)
    • Scripture marking crayons/ pencils
    • Sharpie (for labeling all your items)
    • Scissors*
    • Colored pens*
    • Tape*
    • Sticky notes*
  • Scripture case
  • 1-2 notebooks (used for studying in the MTC)
  • 2 journals (one for personal and one for scripture study)
  • Seminary cards*
  • Small picture book* (have pictures of friends and family to make you less homesick and to share with companions)
  • Notebook for missionary "yearbook"* (have your companions write down memories for you to look back on after your mission)


  • Folder for documents
  • DMV driving record
  • Health insurance
  • Passport
  • Copy of patriarchal blessing
  • Copy of mission call
  • Driver's license
  • Debit card
  • Immunization form
  • Temple recommend
  • 4 generation pedigree chart
  • Family history stories
  • Favorite conference talks*


  • Nail care kit
    • Nail clipper
    • Nail file
    • Nail polish (conservative colors)
  • Makeup bag
    • Foundation
    • Bronzer
    • Highlighter
    • Blush
    • Eye shadow palettes
    • Face Primer
    • Concealer
    • Assorted brushes
    • Lipstick (once again -- conservative colors)
    • Lip gloss
    • Chapstick
    • Eyeliner (in case you were wondering, liquid eyeliner is allowed)
    • Mascara
    • Eyelash curler
    • Makeup remover
    • Tweezers
    • Compact mirror (for purse)*
    • Mini-makeup bag (for purse)*
  • Toiletries (enough to last 6 weeks in the MTC)
    • Deodorant
    • Toothbrush
    • Toothpaste
    • Dental floss
    • Mouth wash
    • Retainer
    • Lotion
    • Razors
    • Shampoo
    • Conditioner
    • Dry shampoo (I am going to go out on a limb here and say this is a really good idea)
    • Body wash
    • Face wash
    • Towelettes
    • Feminine hygiene products (enough for 18+ months if you are going foreign)
  • Hair care
    • Comb
    • Brush
    • Round brush
    • Hairdryer
    • Hair straightener
    • Hair wand/curling iron
    • Hair ties
    • Bobby pins 
    • Hairspray*
    • Mousse*
  • Eye care
    • Eye drops
    • Contacts
    • Glasses
    • Eye solution (if needed)
  • First-aid kit
    • Neosporin/antibiotic ointment
    • Vitamins
    • Cold medicine
    • Allergy medicine
    • Decongestant
    • Fever reducer
    • Pain reliever
    • Anti-diarrhea medicine
    • Anti-gas medicine
    • Tums
    • Sleeping pills (for the first few nights of the MTC)
    • Anti-itch cream
    • Heat rash ointment
    • Anti-fungal cream/spray
    • Foot deodorant spray
    • Band-Aids
    • Moleskin
    • Thermometer
    • 25-30% DEET mosquito repellent
    • 30+ SPF sunscreen
    • 30+ SPF Chapstick
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Heating pad (especially if you get bad cramps)
  • Perfume
  • 1 bath towel (while the official packing list says to only bring 1 bath towel, I would consider leaving some of the other towels at home and packing a second bath towel)
  • 1 hand towel
  • 2 wash cloths
  • Mirror
  • Kleenex*
  • Hand lotion*


  • Inexpensive camera
    • Camera case
    • Memory cards
    • Memory card reader
    • Camera cord/charger
  • Wind-up/battery alarm clock
  • Small LED flashlight
  • Batteries
  • USB drive
  • International power converter
  • iPod* (only mission approved music, and must have external sound capabilities, i.e. speakers)
    • Speakers*

Other Knick-knacks

  • Luggage tags
  • Water bottle
  • Laundry bag
  • Waterproofing spray (for shoes, bag, etc.)
  • Shoe polish
  • Sewing kit (for sewing tears and buttons)
  • Lint roller*
  • Lanyard* (good for the MTC)
  • Blanket*
  • 30 min work-out book*
  • Recipe book* (bring some of your favorite recipes and gather some while you are there)
  • Church music/CDs*


  1. hello hailey! i know this is an old post but i have a couple questions:
    are tee shirts actually allowed? because i was under the impression that only blouses are. and do you wear spandex shorts every time you bike? thanks again, this post has been really helpful for me.

    1. Hey! :) So I did use t-shirts quite a lot in my mission. In all honesty, you get tired of sweating in fancier shirts. (And tend to get a little lazy about how you look further in the mission haha.)

      When they say t-shirts, I think they mean don`t get sloppy with it -- like no men's t-shirts and the such. As long as it looks nice, I think it is fine. Never had a problem with it on my mission.

    2. About the spandex, I actually never rode a bike on my mission. I ended up walking, so I am not quite sure about that one. :)

  2. Hi Hailey can you wear Maxi skirts even if they are flowy, I am going to Nicaragua and they suggested we wear pants or long skirts I was curious if it was the same where you went or no?

  3. Thank you so much for this list Hailey! I've referenced all my friends getting ready for missions here. So useful, I feel like I wont forget something important now. ^^ *Peace of mind accomplished!

  4. Do you have any tips on packing AL the feminine hygiene products for 18 months??

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  6. Where did your serve your mission?

    1. smh I don't know how delete ^^^