Wednesday, September 30, 2015

9/30/2015: Week 3 - Three New Elders

Bom Dia!

Hello hello! Yet another week has gone by. It's almost October! I hope
everyone back home is enjoying the cool weather, sweaters and boots
(especially you Tay), and the pumpkin pie around the corner. I am
going to miss pumpkin pie. As for me, I will be enjoying to heat and
sweat of Brazil. This week we got 3 new elders from the Provo MTC in
our district. We now have... 1) Elder P, who has curly blonde
hair and asks hard questions, 2) Elder H, who was born in Guiana
and is both shy and outgoing at the same time, and 3) Elder E, who
is nice and quiet but I don't know much else. They have been a
wonderful addition to our district, and have brought a better focus to
the group. (Trying to work and study with eight 18-yr old boys can
sometimes be a struggle). This past week we were able to watch the
funeral of the apostle Richard G. Scott. It was very touching, and he
was a great man. We also watched his last devotional given at the MTC,
and he shared a really beautiful message about the power of prayer and
recognizing answers to your prayers. Sister A and I have been
teaching two "investigators" (our instructors pretending to be
invesitgators). The weird thing is, the lessons can feel so real while
you are teaching them. For example, one of the investigators told us
that she just found out that her friend had cancer and only had a
short time to live. This woman was shedding real tears, and within
five minutes, we had shared a short message about hope with her and we
were all crying together. It was a really neat experience. Anyways, I
am off to go get some Brazilian treats for General Conference this
next weekend! I am looking forward to being able to hear from the
prophets and apostles, and to recieve the guidance they have for us. I
hope all of you will watch it at home as well. I love you all, and I
hope you have a great week!

 Com muito amor,
 Sister Christensen

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