Monday, May 23, 2016

5/23/2016: Week 36 - Yet Another Week


This week I got up in front of 100 people and gave a talk that I wrote five minutes before hand. In short, the person who was supposed to speak wasn't prepared, so I was invited to get up and speak. So, I did just that. I talked about the Book of Mormon and about the importance of having a testimony of it...all in Portuguese. And you know what? It actually went pretty well. I was just a little bit proud of me. 

We are currently teaching a man named M, who learned about the church when he was living in Portugal. He spoke to the missionaries there, but didn't get baptized. Then, while doing princĂ­pios this week, we knocked on his door and asked if he was interested to learn more. He told us, enthusiastically, that he was, and we marked to visit him this week. When we went there, we gave the first lesson, which he understood perfectly. He even made comments throughout the entire lesson. We invited him to read and pray, which he accepted, and then invited him to be baptized, which he also accepted! It was neat!

Sister Christensen

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