Monday, May 9, 2016

5/9/2016: Week 34 - 8 Months Down!


We had transfers this week, but it looks like I will be staying here for another six weeks with Sister B.

And guess what? I have now been on the mission for 8 months! I am almost halfway there! 

This week Sister B and I worked on making contacts with literally everyone. If there was someone in the street, you can be sure that we talked to them. In the end, we taught 53 principles of the gospel to people, and are excited to visit all of the addresses that we received last week. We even got invited to dinner tomorrow!

Other updates:

I talked with my family. Yes, it was great. Thank you for asking.

One of the members here calls me cat face. Because she thinks I look like a cat. 

We had an activity in the church where everyone brought a cake and we played some games and it was great. And cake is better here in Brazil (sorry to all the Americans).

I took a lot of photos with Sister P (a sister I live with) this week...enjoy...and also a weird picture of me during Skype with crazy eyes.

Sister Christensen 

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