Monday, May 30, 2016

5/30/2016: Week 37 - Bad Haircuts and Batman


This week I cut my hair. Now normally, this wouldn't be any exciting news, but I learned that hair cuts are a bit different here. I went to a Sister of the ward (because who wants to pay someone to cut your hair?) and asked if she knew anyone who cut hair. She said that she did, and I was thinking, great, FREE HAIR CUT. But because I was being cheap, I guess I kind of deserved what was coming. Lets just say that she went a little crazy while cutting my fringe and I think that I am going to keep my hair in a pony tail for a while.

My companion and I also thought that we saw Batman in the street the other night, but it turned out that it was just a homeless guy with a blanket.

Aside from seeing Bat-homeless-man, Sister B and I have been working really hard this week to find new people to teach. We cut, and were cut by pretty much all of our investigators, so we are looking for a new batch. 

Speaking of batches, cookies sound really good right about now.

Sister Christensen

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