Monday, February 1, 2016

2/1/2016: Week 20 - I Would Walk 500 Miles

Hello All!

A run-down of my week:

1. Sister S got sick. :( We stayed in the house and talked about our lives and made spaghetti. That was pretty cool.

2. We went to the baptism of a kid in the ward, and it was really sweet. Sister S and I had the chance to sing at the baptism as well. The Spirit was really strong. 

3. This week, I lived a part of every child's nightmare and fell into a storm drain. My oh-so-loving companion then took me to the pharmacy and wiped alcohol not-so-lovingly across all the cuts I had on my leg. I really need to work on this whole balance thing. 

4. I learned how to crochet with a woman from the ward. 

5. I learned I am not blessed with the gift of crocheting.

6. We were teaching one inactive family this week, and everything went really well. We talked about Christ and his love for us, and the entire family started to cry. The dad then told us that he had been praying for some guidance spiritually that day in another church, and we showed up at his door later that night. They also came to church this Sunday, which was amazing to see. I love being a missionary. 

With love, 
Sister Christensen

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