Monday, February 8, 2016

2/8/2016: Week 21- Living on a Prayer


Serving mission is like that part in Harry Potter where Ron is reading tea leaves. As he is reading Harry's fortune, he says, "You are going to suffer... but you are going to be happy about it." As missionaries, we have a lot of challenges. People lie about their addresses, call us names, etc. and yet we still continue. We also have the opportunity to change lives, to bring people to Christ, and we are so happy to be doing it! 

In that light, this week has been great! We had divisions this week, so I packed my bag and went for a day to work with Sister H. We had a lot of fun, and taught a lot of people. We spoke about the challenges that come with opening an area. I learned a lot, and we ordered dessert pizzas.

The other day, while walking with Sister S, we stopped at a house to ask for water. The husband answered the door and gave us two glasses of water. We drank it, and then he asked us if we wanted juice. We declined, but he left to get the juice anyways. He filled our glasses once again, and we drank them. He then asked if we wanted more, and we declined (again). He then told us to take the juice with us. We tried to tell him that we really didn't need the juice, but he insisted and firmly told us to put it in our bag. So yeah. We took a picture with our free juice.

We also had two new investigators come to church this week! They came to church with a less active member for the first time, and loved it. The mom told us that it was very different than any other church they had visited in the past. They gave us their addresses, and want to learn more about the gospel. Sister S and I are very excited to go and teach them this week.

I hope everything is going well for you all! 

Sister Christensen

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