Monday, February 22, 2016

2/22/2016: Week 23 - Worst Thing to Happen Yet


This week, we had a service project. The other sisters had met a woman on the street who said that she needed help cleaning out a little room. They offered to help her, and arranged for us to go there this past week. 

We all started walking there, thinking that we would sweep, tidy, and mop up this little room and be on our way. We arrived at the house, and a woman opened the door. She hadn't bathed in a while, and the first thing we saw were wind chimes. Fifty of them. Hanging from the ceiling. From that point on, we knew we were in trouble. 

She then showed us the room. Or, better said, she tried to show us the room. The door wouldn't open because there were so many things in it. There were boxes upon boxes of grocery sacks in the room. We started to clean it out, and that's when I realized, I was in a Hoarder's television episode. 

As we began to move boxes, we found some interesting things, including:

1. A box with two rotting pineapples. They had been there long enough to rot through the box and onto the floor. It was also housing a colony or two of bugs, AND growing new pineapple. AND THE WOMAN WANTED TO SEARCH THROUGH THE REST OF THE BOX TO SAVE ONE OLD SHOE!

2. We touched one box, and ten cockroaches ran out into the rest of the garbage. But they weren't normal sized cockroaches. They had probably fed on the rotten pineapple and gained supernatural abilities and size. They were the size of the palm of my hand. 

3. Sacks with old underwear, sacks with shoes that were falling to pieces, a sack with a book about "spiritualism" (basically possession), and some sacks that we didn't even dare open. 

We had to distract the woman to throw all the garbage out, because she was having panic attacks. And we didn't even finish. We have to go back this week with some elders because there are probably rats and scorpions in that room.

But wait, there's more...

We took the rest of the boxes down to the basement. When we opened the door, we saw a little white room. Everything was clean and white. The walls were white, the floor was white, and the ceiling was very very low and also white. In the corner there was a white little bed, all made up nice, with a little white dresser and mirror in the corner. A black dust had settled in the room, and you could tell no one had lived there in a while. It was the creepiest thing I have ever seen. I am pretty sure someone died in there. 

Anyways, that was my week!

Sister Christensen

P.S. Photos of Minion traffic bumps and a cute dog.

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