Monday, June 6, 2016

6/6/2016: Week 38 - 9 Months Down and a Tornado


So this week was... interesting.

First of all, the Elders forgot to pay the energy bill, and so they cut our lighting and heating this week. Oh-so-innocent us thought that the power had just gone out, until we talked to the doorman who asked us if we knew that they had cut our power. We then called the Elders and got everything sorted out, but that night we got home and lit a bunch of emergency candles, made some french fries, and took photos. But don't worry, the energy got turned back on the next day, after a painfully cold shower. 

Then Saturday night there was a mini-tornado here. (It's okay mom, I am safe.) I don't know about you, but when I think about here I don't think about tornadoes. Tornadoes just don't happen here, but I am here to witness that it did indeed happen. We woke up Sunday and got all ready to go to church. When we got there, the power was out. We had sacrament meeting like normal, but in the end, the bishop told everyone what happened, and that there were a lot of members who needed help. Immediately after the meeting, everyone got divided into groups to either a) help with the member's houses, or b) make lunch for the people affected. Everyone was organized and ready to go in ten minutes flat. When we got to the houses, I honestly didn't believe my eyes. 

Sister B and I helped Irmã A and I. (I is the girl who we did a split with.) Her ceiling had holes in it from other people's roofing crashing in, and there was water everywhere. One wall had also collapsed. Another house was completely demolished because of the storm. There was a sink hole close to a house as well. They had no light and no water, and yet, A had to go to work the next morning. We helped clean what we could, and the brothers of the ward helped patch up the roof until they could do something more permanent. 

Even though it was really sad to see the utter destruction of these houses, I was also really touched by how the members responded so quickly and with a lot of organization. They dropped everything to go help their brothers and sisters who were suffering. There was even one brother who had his oil with him, ready to give a blessing to whoever needed it. Seeing these people's charity really touched my heart.

On another note, I have 9 months on the mission! I am half way done! Has it passed as fast for you all as it has for me?

Sister Christensen

Half Way Mark!

AKA Hump Day!

No Power!

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