Monday, November 30, 2015

11/30/2015: Week 11 - Transfer #1 Complete

Hello everyone! I am pleased to say that I have survived the first Transfer out in the mission field! I will be staying with Síster G for the time being. Which is good, because she is a sweetheart and I love her​. 

This week, we taught a woman named R who we met while knocking on doors. She invited us in, and we were able to teach her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She listened very intently and participated during the entire lesson. We invited her to be baptized on December 27th, and she said yes! We are very excited to return and to teach her more about the church. It was amazing to see that God truly prepares people for us to teach. There are people out there who are ready for the gospel, who are ready to learn more about Christ and to change their lives and follow him. Our job as missionaries is to find those people, and to invite them to come unto Christ. No matter how many people reject our message, no matter how hot it is or how much our feet hurt. What better work is there?

Sorry this e-mail is a bit shorter than the others, I will write more next week! I hope everyone has a wonderful week. Tchau!

With love,
Síster Christensen

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